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Spave® is a free all-in-one app that allows you to effortlessly save and give just by spending on everyday items. With Spave® , you can track and analyze your purchases, set goals, and donate to causes you care about. You’ll even get tips on how to improve your financial health.

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Best of Show 2022

Spave Best Of Show Finovate

Spave's demo was selected as Best Of Show.

It was exhilarating and humbling to receive such honors from Finovate, whose events are known for showcasing the best in FinTech innovations and the best of our industry. It was also gratifying to see that Spave's story and mission to transform spending for good is resonating.


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Nonprofit Partner Spotlight: HillVets

This month, Spave is honored to feature HillVets, one of our Spave Faves. Founded in 2013, HillVets is a nonprofit organization that provides veterans and other members of the military community with networking, professional development, and other resources to help them attain and grow careers in government

Read more about HillVets in our blog.

Support HillVets and many more when you download the Spave app.

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How it works

Give with Spave Partner with Spave
  1. Download the Spave app.
  2. Choose the causes you care about.
  3. Round up purchases or select a percentage to build towards your goals.
  4. Link your checking account.
  5. Automatically give while you live your normal life!
Partner with Spave on phone
  1. Tell us about your organization and the great work you do.
  2. Sign on as an official Spave partner.
  3. Utilize the free SpaveKit assets to engage with donors.
  4. Reach thousands of donors across the Spave network.
  5. Gain insights into donor engagement.
  6. Make an even greater impact on your community and the world!

What is Spave

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Recurring donations

Donors can easily set up recurring donations to your organization through Spave

Actionable insights

Analyze donor behavior, identify major donors, and engage with new donors

Greater impact

Use this new funding channel to do more of what you do best - helping others

Financial institutions

Enhance your community

Discover opportunities to donation match and highlight local nonprofits

Build your reputation

Establish your credit union as a champion for good and giving your area

Partner for growth

Credit unions like MSUFCU know that Spave is an innovative, long-term partner

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