Spave Works

Spave is a financial wholeness app that puts you in control of your spending to maximize your personal savings and charitable giving. You can set it and forget it, or tailor your goals and donations daily, all at the touch of a button.

What is Spaving?

Spaving is as varied and wonderful as the things in your wallet.

To spave is to spend money on today's necessities, while saving money for your future goals.

To spend money on things you want, while helping nonprofits address diverse needs.

To make your spending, savings and giving work in harmony.


Three Steps,
Limitless Possibilities


Link at least one existing account,
such as your checking account.


Select charities or nonprofits you want to support.


Select a contribution method to deduct from your linked account—see below for more details.

Ways to Spave

Add a Percentage

Send a proportional amount of every transaction to your spavings—great for giving a consistent amount depending on your spending habits.

Round Up

Round every purchase up to the nearest dollar—these small amounts can add up to big impact.

Set a Fixed Amount

Have a set dollar amount go into your spavings weekly—it’s a simple way to make a change.


Spaving for your charities is (and will always be!) free. By enrolling in our premium tier, you're able to link up to four accounts and tap into robust giving and savings insights.
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Set Goals

Create weekly, monthly, or yearly goals and track your progress along the way. Plus, making changes is simple to make room for new life changes or insights.


View your spending, giving, and saving habits all in one place. Compare your charitable contributions and personal savings against your goals—and stay on track with your spending.
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I was able to increase my savings by 700% without any change to my lifestyle.

Ajay Spave User

Over 1.5 Million
Charities to Support

  • Animal Related
  • Arts & Culture

  • Civil Rights

  • Community Building

  • Criminal Justice

  • Education
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Faith-Based
  • Homelessness
  • Health & Wellness
  • Housing & Shelter
  • Human Services
  • Hunger
  • International

  • Jobs & Employment

  • Medical Concerns

  • Medical Research

  • Mental Health
  • Recreation
  • Scientific Research
  • Social Justice
  • Social Research
  • Volunteerism
  • and more!

Our Security

Spave with peace of mind. Our security measures follow the same standards as the banking industry  to protect your money and data.

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