How does Spave work?

Spave powers social giving. It's not a budgeting app, an investment app, or a crowdfunding app. Spave is a social giving app that transforms spending for good, using your everyday purchases to support your favorite charities and your future goals.


If you're already giving, Spave can help you give more and make it easier. If you're new to giving, Spave is here to show you the ropes.

What is Spaving?

Spaving is a verb. It's the act of social giving.

Social giving is spending money on things you want while supporting causes you care about.
That could mean rounding-up your purchases for your favorite charity or setting aside a fixed amount each week to fund your dreams.

No matter how you choose to give, spaving is about making your spending, savings and giving work in harmony to support a brighter future for everyone.


Three Steps,
Limitless Possibilities


Link at least one existing checking account. If you use your credit card for most purchases, you'll want to link that, too.


Select the charities or nonprofits you want to support. Our network includes over 1.5 million, so you're sure to find your favorites.


Select a contribution method to deduct from your linked account—see below for more details on ways to spave.

Ways to Spave

Add a Percentage

Send a purposeful percentage of every transaction to your spavings—it's like adding a charitable tip with every purchase. You can also select this option for your Saving goals to tip yourself with every purchase. (Thank you, past self! You're welcome, future self!)

Round Up

Round every purchase up to the nearest dollar—like at the gas station or grocery store! These small amounts can add up to a big impact. (Without making a big dent in your budget!)

Set a Fixed Amount

Choose a set dollar amount to fund your spavings each week—it’s a simple way to consistently support your favorite charities and ensure you hit short-term saving goals within a specific timeframe. (Hello, honeymoon fund!)

Set Your Goals

Create weekly, monthly or yearly goals and track your progress along the way. Making changes is simple, so you can easily switch your goals to support timely causes or make room for new life changes.

Grow Your Impact

With easy social sharing you can spread the word about your favorite charities, celebrate your progress toward goals and share about your contributions to the causes that matter to you.

Fund Your Future

You don't have to choose between saving and giving. With Spave, you can support your causes and save for your dreams using your Spave Savings Account.

I was able to increase my savings by 700% without any change to my lifestyle.

Ajay Spave User

Over 1.5 Million
Charities to Support

  • Animal Related
  • Arts & Culture

  • Civil Rights

  • Community Building

  • Criminal Justice

  • Education
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Faith-Based
  • Homelessness
  • Health & Wellness
  • Housing & Shelter
  • Human Services
  • Hunger
  • International

  • Jobs & Employment

  • Medical Concerns

  • Medical Research

  • Mental Health
  • Recreation
  • Scientific Research
  • Social Justice
  • Social Research
  • Volunteerism
  • and more!

Our Security

Spave with peace of mind. Our security measures follow the same standards as the banking industry  to protect your money and data.

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