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Our app allows nonprofits to increase the size, quantity, and frequency of donations to help you make an even greater impact. Use the free resources on this page to take your marketing and fundraising efforts to the next level.

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Make it easier to support your cause

There are a lot of barriers that can make giving feel hard. With Spave, users can easily make recurring donations to your nonprofit that fund your mission without interrupting their lifestyle.

Through micro donations based on rounded up purchases or percentages set up by the users, watch your funding grow little by little until that little becomes a whole lot.


Volunteers picking up litter by the ocean


We invite you and your supporters on a journey to transform spending for good.


We will help build awareness of and additional funding for your mission.


We will connect you with people who are passionate about your cause.


We will inspire users of the good you’re doing through testimonials and stories of impact.


We will reinforce healthy choices and behaviors with affirming messages.

We believe in your mission, and we want to help you make a greater impact.
That’s why it’s 100% free to be listed on the Spave app and download our resources.

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Connect with people who care

By encouraging your existing donor base to support you through the Spave app, you can reignite their passion by giving them an easy new way to give to your cause. Reengagement can turn one-time donors into recurring supporters, all without a big up-front commitment.

Grow your marketing and fundraising strategies

When you become a Spave partner, our team becomes fully invested in your success.


Download free guides to learn nonprofit marketing best practices


Access editable social images, display ads images, and more digital marketing assets


Receive printable files for flyers, mailers, and more to support traditional marketing efforts


Watch informative videos to discover the tools and tips you need to succeed

“Spave is the easiest way for me to continually give to my favorite charity.”

Matt, Spave User

“I was able to increase my savings by 700% without any change to my lifestyle.”

Ajay, Spave User

Spave Faves

Kickstart your marketing efforts

From digital assets for social and ads to print collateral like posters and mailers, we’ve compiled everything you need to launch
a successful marketing campaign and attract donors through Spave.
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Did you know?

71% of nonprofits worldwide agree that social media is effective for online fundraising

SpaveKit Resources


Did you know?

71% of nonprofits worldwide agree that social media is effective for online fundraising


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