Spave Expands Leader’s Role To Align With The Times

Fintech Start-Up Taps Marketing Executive Sarah Salimi To Serve As Chief Marketing and Digital Officer

January 12, 2022|by Spave

Sarah Salimi has been named Chief Marketing and Digital Officer at Spave®, the company announced. 

Salimi  had served as Vice President of Marketing at Spave following its acquisition by the Reseda Group. Her role has evolved to capitalize on her strengths and influence the fintech start-up’s direction and needs.

“Since joining Spave, I have been championing design thinking, a user-centric mindset and leveraging the power of new technologies to cultivate solutions,” Salimi said. “I look forward to shaping the vision for future consumer and customer experiences. I am focused on driving external and internal growth for Spave by challenging/optimizing strategies and processes.” 

The Chief Digital Officer role is still relatively novel within conventional corporate structures. A CDO is primarily a change agent charged with overseeing an organization’s digital transformation. It changes the paradigm of an operation so that the business is supported by its tech stack as opposed to the other way around.

The CDO role is different from that of a traditional Chief Marketing Officer, which focuses on supporting other areas of an organization; a CDO reduces compartmentalization and effectuates collaboration through new and emerging technologies. In her dual role as Chief Marketing and Digital Officer, Salimi will identify and execute Spave’s main digital priorities while also functioning as a key reference point for innovation.

“[Salimi] has a crystal-clear understanding of roles, resources, and responsibilities, and how to appreciate and leverage each for optimum outcomes,” Spave CEO Susan Langer said. “She thinks, she acts, she cares.”

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Spave® is a woman-founded fintech company designed to empower personal financial independence and charitable giving through its mobile solution. Founded in 2016 and acquired by Reseda Group, a wholly owned Credit Union Service Organization of Michigan State University Federal Credit Union, Spave's proprietary technology platform and process solves challenges with balancing spending, saving, and giving habits for consumers (particularly millennials) using cutting-edge mobile technology. It is designed for users, by users, to help financial institutions and nonprofits better engage with their constituents (customers, contributors, and community). More information is available at the Spave website. Version 2.0 of the Spave app is now available for download on the iOS App Store or on Google Play.

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