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Spave helps your nonprofit increase the size, quantity, and frequency of donations to make an even stronger impact on those you serve. The Spave app helps you help others.


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Spave's mission is to make giving easier for more people. With Spave, users can set recurring donations based on their existing spending habits. Through microdonations based on percentages or rounding up on their purchases, Spave users become new donors and loyal supporters.

Spave has provided us with a new, more relevant way to engage a younger generation who want to support our mission, but who don’t attend galas and don’t write checks.

Lauren Schaefer Expansion Coordinator at Isaiah 117 House, Dallas County chapter

How Spave Works
for Nonprofits

We want to empower your mission and help you make a greater impact.
That's why the Spave app and access to our resources are 100% free.


We invite you and your supporters to transform spending for good.



We help build awareness of your goals and drive additional funding for your mission.


We connect you to donors who are passionate about your cause and want to support you in the long-term.


We inspire ongoing support through testimonials and stories of impact.


We reinforce Spave users' healthy choices and continuing support with affirming messages.

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