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Achieving Generosity: A Guide to Setting Up a One Time Gift With Spave

March 5, 2024|by Katie Templet

In a world that's increasingly digital and fast-paced, finding avenues to give back has become simpler yet more crucial than ever. With the Spave app, the journey toward streamlined and simpler giving becomes an empowering and gratifying experience. Here’s how: 

Setting the Stage for Giving 

Once you've chosen to give with the Spave app, take a moment to introspect. Reflect on why you want to give and when you feel ready to start. Setting a clear intention helps solidify your commitment and gives purpose to your philanthropy. 

spaveNOW to Make a Difference 

Once you've decided to give, use spaveNOW, also known as a one-time gift, to make your contribution. This feature streamlines the process, making donating hassle-free and efficient. 

Finding a Nonprofit 

Navigate to the app homescreen and click on the bottom far right icon that is labeled "spaveNOW". You can now explore the diverse range of nonprofits available to donate to. Any accredited nonprofit in the US is included in our directory! Spave provides a curated selection, making it easier for you to discover causes that resonate with your values and passions. You can explore nonprofits globally or find organizations making a difference in your local community. 

Choosing Your Cause 

Choose a nonprofit that aligns with your values and mission. Whether it's supporting education, healthcare, environmental conservation, or social justice, select a cause that ignites your passion. 

Confirming Your Account and Complete the Donation 

To ensure transparency and accountability, confirm that the donation originates from the specific account you choose. This step is crucial in guaranteeing that your contribution reaches the intended cause. 

Sharing Your Act of Generosity 

Celebrate your donation by sharing it on social media or with friends and family. Sharing your act of generosity not only spreads awareness about the cause but also encourages others to join in and make a difference.  

Set Up Your Recurring Goals 

After you’ve completed your one-time gift, or spaveNOW, you can navigate to "Goals" by pressing the button at the bottom of your screen. By setting up a goal, you can choose any nonprofit to give to weekly through round-up, selecting a percentage, or choosing a fixed amount. Tap the + sign to begin the goal set up process.

Celebrate Your Impact 

Finally, take a moment to celebrate the positive impact you've made. Even the smallest contributions can create ripples of change and contribute to a better world. 

 Making a one-time gift through the Spave app isn't just about donating—it's about being part of a movement, driving change, and making a tangible difference. It's about embracing generosity as a lifestyle and leaving a lasting impact on the causes you care about. By utilizing Spave's user-friendly interface and diverse nonprofit network, you're not just contributing funds; you're becoming an integral part of a global community dedicated to creating positive change. 

 So, what are you waiting for? Dive into your giving journey with Spave, make a spaveNOW or set up your goal(s), and embark on a rewarding path toward making a difference in the world. Celebrate the power of your generosity and be the change you wish to see. Together, let's make giving a way of life! 

Join Spave today and start making an impact—one donation at a time.