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Embrace the New Year with Spave: A Space for Growth and Connection

January 29, 2024|by Spave

As we begin the new year, the possibilities are endless. It's a time for reflection, growth, and forging new connections. At Spave, we’ve intentionally created a space for people to explore, connect, and make a positive impact. In the latest blog, we'll delve into five exciting ways you can make the most of Spave in the new year. 

  • Explore spaveNOW: Begin your new year's adventure with spaveNOW. Experience instant gratification as you support your favorite nonprofits effortlessly. Select the nonprofit you wish to support, input your donation amount, confirm the account for the donation, and your spaveNOW is complete. We prioritize providing flexibility for your giving preferences. SpaveNOW is a one-time donation action for you to make an instant impact to the nonprofit you want to support.  When you choose recurring donations through our application via your spending, you can identify whether you want to choose a percentage, round up each of your transactions, or choose a fixed-weekly amount. Choice and flexibility wrapped into one solution.  
  • Set Up Goals: The new year is an excellent time to set intentions and work towards financial wholeness. Utilize Spave's goal-setting feature to outline your aspirations for the coming months. Whether it's saving for a trip, being more intentional about your weekly spending habits, or building a nest egg, Spave's goals feature ensures you stay on track and celebrate your progress along the way. 
  • Support a New Nonprofit: Making a positive impact is a fulfilling way to spend your time, and Spave makes it easier than ever. Consider adding a new nonprofit to your Spave profile, whether local or national, and contribute to causes that matter to you. Whether it's environmental conservation, education, or healthcare, Spave connects you with organizations making a difference. Make 2024 the year you amplify your impact and create positive change in the world. Maybe even consider maximizing your social good locally by also pledging to volunteer for a few hours this year to that new nonprofit. 
  • Invite a Friend to Spave: The joy of discovery is amplified when shared with others. Invite your friends to join you on Spave and explore the endless possibilities together. From supporting nonprofits together to working towards shared goals, Spave fosters a sense of community and collaboration. Strengthen your connections, support each other's journeys, and transform spending for good. 
  • Share on Social: Spread the word about your Spave experiences and inspire others to join the community. Share your achievements, goals, and the causes you support on your social media platforms. By doing so, you not only contribute to the growth of the Spave community but also encourage others to embark on their own journeys of exploration, connection, and impact. 

 As we step into the new year, let Spave be your companion on this exciting journey of growth and connection. Whether you're exploring new experiences, setting goals, supporting nonprofits, inviting friends, or sharing your journey with the world – Spave is your space to thrive. Embrace the opportunities the new year brings, and make 2024 a year of meaningful connections and positive impact with Spave.