How to Save More Money (Without Giving Up the Things You Love)

April is Financial Literacy Month, and in light of that we've put together a handful of useful, simple tips and tricks to improve your financial wholeness.

April 4, 2022|by Spave

Common financial wisdom often dictates that to save money we have to live sparingly and give up our small pleasures. But who wants to deprive themselves of their little sources of joy to potentially benefit some nebulous future?

The truth is that you don’t have to go without in order to be able to save money. You just need to know how to save more money—without giving up the things you love!

April is Financial Literacy Month, and in light of that we've put together a handful of useful, simple tips and tricks to improve your financial wholeness.

Buy Generic

Brand loyalty is for the wealthy. If you’re looking to put a little extra cash in your savings account at the end of each month, start buying generic or store brand products. The $2 price difference here and there will really add up!

Use Coupons

There’s a reason all of our grandparents are so devoted to coupons. Save the coupon booklet that comes in your local newspaper. If you place a lot of orders online, install a browser extension that checks for available discount codes.

Get Rewards

If your grocery store or pharmacy offers a free rewards card, sign up for it! It may seem silly, but the rewards points and member discounts can be surprisingly substantial. Get a rewards card anywhere that you shop regularly.

Stop Using Delivery Apps

Ordering food delivery through apps is easy and tempting but it’s also far from cost-effective. You’re paying inflated prices plus delivery fees, service charges, and tips. If you’re going to order out, get take-out for pickup—or at least order directly from the restaurant!

Employ Moderation

Cutting out your daily latte isn’t going to allow you to comfortably retire. There’s no point in giving it up! But try to scale back your indulgences. Maybe that means visiting a less expensive coffee shop, buying a smaller size drink, or skipping one or two days a week. Regardless of the exact methodology you employ, scaling back can be a great trick to save a few extra dollars!

Auto Transfer

Take away the option of splurging by setting up recurring automated transfers from your checking account to your savings account. Some employers even let you split your direct deposit between accounts. However you set it up, ensure some money is automatically being transferred to your savings each month.

Budget Smart

Yes, it’s the obvious piece of advice, but “set yourself a budget” is a classic for a reason. If you haven’t already, tracking your income, expenses, and spending habits is a great way to start saving more. It doesn't have to have to be a cumbersome or laborious task. You can easily download a budgeting app that does all the leg work for you!

Try Spave

Spave is a free all-in-one app built for budgeting, saving, and giving. In Spave, you can track your purchases, control your budget, set goals, save, and donate. You can round up your purchases or set what percentage of your money you want to designate toward your savings. Once you set it up, Space does the rest, and you can save without even thinking about it. If you’re interested in trying Spave for yourself, download it now!

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