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How to Make Giving a Regular Habit—At Any Budget

October 11, 2023|by Spave

There’s a lot of power in our spending, and that includes our charitable donations. In fact, a
whopping 84% of millennials give to charity, so every little bit counts! But what's the best way to
make big impact with your small donations? The key is to make giving a regular habit. Here are a few
ways to get in the habit of giving back—with or without the Spave app.

Set Digital Reminders

You might already set reminders on your devices to remember when to take medication or pay your
bills, and you can use those same tools to remind yourself to donate to the causes you care about.
Whether you set weekly or monthly reminders, you’re able to manually send an amount that reflects
your ability in that moment. This method does take an extra step— it will be up to you to decide on the
best process once you get your reminder.

Sign-Up for Automated Giving

Many charities and nonprofits have tools that enable you to sign you up for automated giving—at a
set, repeating time, they’ll charge your bank or credit card for a set amount. This is a very easy way
to give without much thought, which also means that you have to remember that you
are giving. If you use a budgeting tool, you’ll want to incorporate that donation as a recurring expense. This definitely works for a lot of people—40% of Millennial donors and 49% of Gen X donors are signed-up for recurring monthly giving.

Give by Spending With Spave

The Spave app helps your giving fit into your everyday spending. With Spave, you can set a percentage
from your spending that pulls from your bank account and donates the amount to the nonprofits and
charities of your choice. You’ll always give, but the amount will vary—when you spend a lot, you give more, and when you spend less, you give less. You get the variable control of manual donations, plus the set-it- and-forget-it-ness of automated giving.

Spave offers the best of both worlds, helping you regularly give to causes you care about in ways you can control in our app. Additionally, you can do the same spending percentage-based approach to saving for your own goals—right in the Spave all-in-one app.

Whichever way you choose to make an impact, the nonprofits and charities you support get to blossom
and expand their mission thanks to you.


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