It's Here: The New Spave

March 6, 2024|by Brianna

Have you heard yet? We just released the best version of Spave yet! With the latest release, we’re bringing you features that help you spave your way. To give you the freedom and flexibility to pursue your goals, the new and improved app is more accessible, more powerful, and more delightful.  

 Meet the new Spave. The app that helps you give more, save more, and live better. Here is a summary of this release: 

  • Overall, you’ll enjoy a better user experience  
  • You can give and save for free (hooray!) 
  • The app is easier to navigate  
  • And it’s more delightful to use 

So, what does this mean for you? 

 The App is More Accessible 

Purpose fuels how you build goals and how you reach milestones. Nurturing purpose-driven habits makes giving and saving sustainable—that’s why all of Spave’s features are now free. Spending, giving, and saving—spaving!— should feel intuitive and natural, because when you’re working hard, every tool at your disposal should be easy to use. 

The App is More Powerful  

As we learn about what matters most to you, we develop new ways to take your spaving to a new level. In this release, you can manage your sources of spending flexibly with unlimited account linking. With more accounts connected, you’ll learn even more from our new robust Insights feature, empowering you to make informed decisions! And now with social sharing, you’re able to post to your community when you set a goal, reach a goal, or send a spaveNOW contribution—we call that the Spave glow. 

You can: 

  • Enjoy insights about your spending and giving habits 
  • Share how you give to causes you care about by sharing your giving on social media 
  • Link and unlimited number of financial accounts so you can give and save multiple ways 

The App is More Delightful  

Feel energized and empowered in your spaving journey! Spave gives you a more accessible and more powerful app with a beautifully redesigned user experience that puts clarity first. When you need assistance or support, our helpful and capable User Delight team makes sure you get the clarity and control you need to live, give and save with confidence. 

You can: 

  • Navigate easier throughout the app 
  • Celebrate the ease of giving and saving efficiently 
  • Contact our User Delight team anytime you have questions 

This new release marks a significant milestone in our journey to empower you to live your best financial life. With a renewed focus on accessibility, power, and delight, we're thrilled to introduce a platform that not only simplifies your spaving journey but also enhances it in ways you've never imagined. 

By making all features free, we're ensuring that your path to giving and saving remains unobstructed, allowing you to nurture purpose-driven habits effortlessly. Our commitment to continuous improvement is evident in the newfound power of Spave, with unlimited account linking and robust Insights that provide unparalleled clarity into your financial habits. 

Moreover, the delightful user experience of the new Spave is designed to energize and empower you every step of the way. From streamlined navigation to the joy of efficient giving and saving, we've put your clarity and control at the forefront of everything we do. And should you ever need support or guidance, our dedicated User Delight team is always just a message away. 

Welcome to the new Spave—giving you the freedom and flexibility to pursue your goals, the new and improved app is more accessible, more powerful, and more delightful. Your journey towards giving more, saving more, and living better starts now. Thank you for being a part of it.