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Breast Cancer Hub Is Saving Lives

January 7, 2022|by Spave

Spave is proud to spotlight our featured nonprofit partner, Breast Cancer Hub.

Breast Cancer Hub is a nonprofit based in North Carolina that seeks to find long-term methods to save lives globally through awareness, volunteering, education, and research. Their multifaceted mission positions them as a comprehensive organization dedicated to the spectrum of needs that breast cancer patients and survivors (as well as their communities) have.

Breast Cancer Hub began with a focus on breast cancer but has since expanded to support those with any and all forms of the disease. Breast Cancer Hub's services are free, and all donations to the nonprofit go directly to its mission.

Breast Cancer Hub was founded by Dr. Lopamudra Das Roy, a distinguished cancer scientist and research professor from India whose postdoctoral fellowship at the Mayo Clinic and MBA from Northwestern University have positioned her as uniquely capable of carrying out Breast Cancer Hub’s various initiatives. She gave up her career as a research professor to create and grow Breast Cancer Hub as a full-time, pro-bono, voluntary service.

Breast Cancer Hub works on many causes related to breast cancer. One of BCH’s concentrations is on education materials promoting awareness and early detection. They have an admirable focus on inclusivity, with much of their educational work addressing breast cancer in men, an often overlooked issue. BCH aims to combat the cultural stigma around breast cancer in men because they know that education can be lifesaving. They also emphasize accessibility. To that end, Breast Cancer Hub offers an instructional card, available in 24 different languages, for both men and women to learn how to self-administer a breast exam.

Because of their focus on grassroots work on a global scale, as part of BCH’s multinational work, they go door to door in developing nations administering educational materials and conducting screenings. If anyone they screen is showing signs of cancer (of any type, not just breast cancer), Breast Cancer Hub volunteers take them to the hospital. This work is performed as part of their Adopt a Village program.

Breast Cancer Hub also provides financial aid for impoverished people undergoing cancer treatment in developing nations. Their ongoing payment assistance is part of BCH’s devotion to holistic, comprehensive work; they take accountability for the people they screen and help them throughout their journeys.

While their commitment to fighting cancer in developing nations is unwavering, it’s not all boots on the ground at BCH. They also research understudied topics, particularly looking at breast cancer across demographics like ethnicity and nationality, with the ultimate goal of using that research to enact healthcare policy reforms that will protect cancer patients.

At Spave, we are honored to support Breast Cancer Hub and its mission. Together, we are working to expand their reach, increase their sponsorship, and help them impact even more lives. We invite you to join us in supporting Breast Cancer Hub through the Spave app today!