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Spave: Transforming Lives with Every Swipe —Secure, Smart, and Socially Impactful

December 19, 2023|by Spave

Spave, the trailblazing consumer financial app, proudly unveils the new redesign of Spave – a transformative leap in personal finance. The relaunched app offers a cutting-edge ability for consumers to transform the mundane act of spending into a purposeful and rewarding experience. This innovative upgrade seamlessly integrates philanthropy and savings with everyday purchases, revolutionizing the landscape of financial empowerment and social impact.

After downloading Spave from the App Store or Google Play, users effortlessly and securely connect their bank accounts, enabling them to save for their dreams and donate to their causes through micro-contributions with each card swipe. Unlike traditional financial apps that merely track expenditures, Spave actively supports users' ability to save and contribute to the causes they care about. Key app enhancements include:

  • Experience & Accessibility: With a redefined user interface and functionality, Spave ensures that everyone with a smartphone and a bank account now has access to the tools and resources needed to seamlessly save and engage in philanthropy. Spave is now broadly available to the public on both the iOS App Store and Google Play.
  • Customization: The relaunched Spave app lets users decide how they want to save and give — whether by allocating a percentage of each transaction, setting a fixed amount, or embracing the round-up method. With access to over 1.5 million accredited charities in the app, Spave also offers a robust range of reputable causes to support where users can search by name, category or location.
  • Financial Insights: The relaunched Spave app goes beyond just facilitating savings and donations. It provides users with complete transparency into their financial transactions, allowing them to track their contributions and see where their money is directed. By understanding their financial behavior, users can make more informed, healthier decisions about their money to achieve their dreams.

“Spave is a testament to our unwavering commitment to democratizing financial empowerment and philanthropy for all,” shares Susan Langer, Spave CEO & Founder. “With cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrated with user-friendly features, we're not just redefining personal finance; we're catalyzing a transformative future, for good, with every swipe.”

Spave is a pioneering consumer financial app dedicated to transforming lives by seamlessly merging philanthropy and savings with everyday purchases. With a commitment to financial inclusivity and social impact, Spave empowers users to define their financial destinies while actively contributing to the causes they care about. Now available for download on both the App Store and Google Play. For additional information, visit