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What is "Spaving"?

May 13, 2024|by Spave

In a recent segment on NBC’s The Today Show, the term "spaving" took the spotlight as a trending word in personal finance. Initially described as spending more than intended, such as buying extra items for free shipping or taking advantage of BOGO deals, spaving has evolved into something more significant. At Spave, we believe spaving is about transforming spending habits for good and amplifying individuals' social impact.

Our mission at Spave revolves around reshaping spending behaviors to empower individuals to make a difference. We achieve this by channeling micro-transactions, known as "spavings," from spending accounts to users’ preferred causes, nonprofits, and savings goals. This approach reflects the wisdom of the African proverb, "Little by little, a little becomes a lot."

Why is the Spave method so successful? Americans excel at spending, but saving or allocating funds for charitable purposes can be challenging. Spave bridges this gap by meeting consumers where they are, without requiring substantial lifestyle changes. You can still enjoy that latte or treat yourself to a new outfit guilt-free, knowing that your daily everyday purchases contribute to positive change.

On average, a Spave user donates about $48 per month, totaling over $500 annually to nonprofits that would otherwise miss out on these funds. The cumulative effect of these small contributions is significant, especially for individuals seeking to enhance their philanthropic impact without altering their spending habits drastically.

Moreover, nonprofits benefit immensely from this technology. Spave is free for both users and nonprofits, providing a valuable mobile solution for organizations that may lack the resources to develop their own apps for fundraising. With access to over 1.5 million nonprofits, Spave serves as a platform for charities to engage younger donors effectively.

Whether you're passionate about saving animals, environmental conservation, supporting local communities, or advancing education, Spave connects you with causes that align with your values. As long as a nonprofit is based in the US and in good standing with the IRS, you can find and support them through our app seamlessly.

Spaving isn't just about saving money; it's about making a meaningful impact. Join us at Spave in transforming the way you spend, for yourself and a better world. Download our app at

Resources: Link to the TODAY show segment