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What to Expect From Spave’s Latest Update

October 27, 2023|by Spave

Spave isn't new—our Founder and CEO Susan Langer has been developing and perfecting Spave since 2016. We’ll soon be launching a newer and more refined Spave. Learn what makes Spave the ideal all-in-one tool for saving and giving while you spend.

Simplicity from the Start

The Spave app feels new from the second you tap our icon. When the app opens, a dynamic and refreshed onboarding experience makes enrolling in Spave easy and connecting a bank account secure.

Different Ways to Contribute

After you’ve connected a spending account, Spave makes it simple to set your giving and saving contribution methods. Just determine your approach to microtransactions—either a set percentage, rounding up, or a fixed amount. You’ll always be able to choose what works best for your existing spending habits.

A Clear View of Your Impact

Get useful and actionable clarity on how your spending-based contributions grow your savings and make an impact for your favorite nonprofits in our clean and concise “Insights” section.

New Premium Capabilities

Our new premium subscription helps you unlock more ways to build better habits. New features enable you to connect up to four bank accounts, set savings goals, and gain even more insights on your spaving habits.

We believe that ease is powerful. That’s why the new Spave experience will make spending, giving, and saving fit in your everyday routines—so you can make a strong impact that lasts. Stay tuned to our social channels to be among the first to download the new Spave app when it’s live on the Apple App Store and Google Play store.