3 Top Tips to Amplify End-of-Year Giving

December 12, 2022|by Spave

Did you know that 31% of all charitable donations made throughout the year are gifted in December? On average, nonprofits receive about one-fifth of all annual donations during the month of December. The holiday season inspires generosity that helps nonprofits stay afloat year-round.

To take full advantage of increased levels of donor generosity, there are a few different strategies NPOs can use to attract more donors, encourage larger donations, and amplify end-of-year giving. While many of these strategies are effective year-round, there’s no better time than December to employ them!

Employ Donor Segmentation

It can be easy to think of donors as monolithic, but in reality, each of your donors has different finances, interests, demographics, and reasons for giving. Different donors will also have a range of preferred engagement levels. Examine the data you have on your donors and segment them into appropriate groups.

Look at how often they donate, what types of outreach they typically respond to, and if they engage with your organization beyond donating. Customize your outreach approach and marketing tactics to appeal to each group. Targeted messaging will be more effective and yield better results.

Leverage Social Media

Social media platforms are highly valuable tools that allow nonprofits to connect directly with their donors and supporters. Impact-driven social media campaigns are highly successful at reaching new people and generating donations from both new and existing supporters.

On social media, your followers can share your message with their own friends and followers, expanding your reach without your organization expending any additional resources. Going Live on a platform like Facebook or TikTok can be particularly effective because they create a sense of urgency and time sensitivity.

Throw an End-of-Year Fundraising Event

Ask events are one of the most lucrative fundraising tactics for nonprofits to employ. They encourage substantially larger-than-average donations, build community awareness, establish cause credibility, generate excitement, and demonstrate impact. Timing your ask event to coincide with the giving season can result in an even more successful capital campaign.

Of course, organizing a full-scale ask event and corresponding capital campaign is an intensive task that requires long-term planning. If you haven’t planned one for this December, that’s okay! Spave’s Definitive Guide to Nonprofit Event Planning will walk you through the planning process step-by-step to ensure you can execute an incredible ask event next holiday season.

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