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Who says saving money has to be boring? Set out on a saving adventure when you accept the call of one of a variety of trending money-saving challenges.

From the envelope challenge to the penny challenge, our free downloadable templates can help you choose the right option for you. Use the template of your choice to stay on track and watch the savings add up.

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Accept the Challenge With These Free Money Saving Challenge Templates

This free downloadable asset includes iPad templates for each of the following popular money savings challenges.

Envelope challenge: Set aside a predetermined amount of money in an envelope each day for 100 days and watch your money add up.

52 Week challenge: Ready to start saving for the long haul? See if you can set aside increasing amounts of money every week for a full year.

Penny challenge: Watch your savings compound into over $665 with this easy savings challenge that literally only costs pennies a day.

Plus, a bonus general savings tracker! Each time you save money with a store card or discount, stash that cash aside by transferring it into your savings account.

Each free money-saving template is available in two versions: one that’s compatible with iPad programs like GoodNotes and another that’s a simple PDF that works on any device (or can be printed out!).

Simply click the download button to learn more about each challenge and select the template that’s right for you.

If Only There Were An App That Could Do It All For You…

Of course there is! The free Spave app makes saving a breeze. Round up your purchases to automatically transfer the difference to your savings account, or select a set dollar amount or percentage to save towards your goals. However you want to save, Spave makes it easy.