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The first-ever, all-in-one financial wholeness app, Spave® exists to transform spending for good through mobile technology that empowers and rewards consumers to use everyday spending to save for themselves and give to others, without changing the way they live.

The success of Spave® is centered around micro-donations, converting one-time donors into engaged, recurring donors – reaching a broader audience of like-hearted, conscious consumers who care about causes.

The app’s features — such as purchase tracking and analysis, setting goals, donating to causes, group giving, rewards, and statistics — educate users on their habits, motivating them to use the app to make more healthy, well-balanced decisions.

How Spave works

The Spave® app deducts micro-amounts (“spavings”) from your primary checking account whenever you make a purchase using cards linked to the app (debit or credit). You define the percentage to spave, and Spave® automatically distributes them to your savings and selected charity(ies).


The Spave® app lets users:

  • Easily and securely link their accounts to start saving and giving with every swipe of the card. Users then watch their spavings grow.
  • Define the spaving amounts that allow them to live the life they want, give to the causes they care about, and save for a secure, fulfilling future.
  • View their spending, giving, and saving all in one place.
  • Set it and forget it – but users often don’t want to because Spave provides insights into their everyday spending to help them stay on track with their goals.
  • Create or modify weekly, monthly, or yearly goals and track progress. Compare charitable contributions and personal savings against total spending.
  • A brand new Spave app is coming Fall of 2023. Be the first to experience it.

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Our History

Spave® is a female-founded fintech company designed to empower personal financial independence and charitable giving through its mobile solution.

Founded in 2016 and acquired by Reseda Group in 2021 – a wholly owned Credit Union Service Organization – Spave's proprietary technology platform and process solve challenges with balancing spending, saving, and giving habits for consumers (particularly Millennials & Gen Z) using cutting-edge mobile technology.

Speak Spave

Speak Spave

/spave/ • transitive verb / spave / spaving/ spaved
  • To spend money on necessities, while saving for your own future
  • To spend money on things you want, while contributing to the causes you care about
  • To reward yourself and others without any significant change to your lifestyle
  • To create the right balance in your bank account and in your life

Spend + Save = Spave

(Save for yourself and to help create a better world)

Olivia felt great about all the money she spaved on her new jeans.

FAQs, we got you

How does Spave work?

By linking your banking accounts, the Spave® app deducts micro-amounts (“spavings”) from your primary checking account and distributes them to your savings and selected charity(ies). Whenever you make a purchase using the debit or credit card linked to the app, a % (that you define) is deducted from your checking and automatically distributed to your selected Saving and Giving accounts.

How are Savings & Giving amounts managed?

Spave® will collect savings amounts each week, and a transfer will be initiated every Thursday to the users designated savings account. Spave® will also collect and maintain user-giving amounts each week, and a transfer will be initiated every Monday to their chosen charity(ies) via our partnership with Make My Donation. (Transfers may take up to one week to complete.)

How do I get it and how much does Spave cost? Are there subscription fees?

Version 3.7.2 of the Spave® app is available for download on the iOS App Store or on Google Play 
The app is FREE for end-users and does have a subscription fee for credit unions.

How do financial institutions & non-profits who want to partner get started?

Credit unions can learn everything they need right here  about the benefits of partnering with Spave®.

Non-profits can also learn right here about how partnering with Spave can help propel their mission.

How secure is Spave?

We take security very seriously and the protection of users' privacy and data security is vital to us. Implementing the same level of security your bank does, we take extreme measures to validate each user, their accounts and to protect personal data within all aspects of our infrastructure and user experience. For more information about the safety and security of Spave®, visit spave.io and read our Security Promise.

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